Chess and Puzzle

A different "chess"

Very original

Chess and Puzzle is not a conventional chess game, no checkmate is sought. Use the logic to finish each of the stages. A different and fun way to enjoy chess.

It will surprise you

The progressive inclusion of new elements in the game will make it much more challenging, varied and fun. There are plenty of games to exercise your mind, but this view of chess will surprise you...


About the game

It is a game in which you will have to go through multiple stages with one of the chess pieces. The difficulty will increase gradually with the appearance of new elements to hinder or help you to achieve your goal. A very challenging and varied puzzle.

Each new element is explained with a tutorial, creating an easy-to-play, fun and original game. The graphics are simple and elegant, animated with particle effects and relaxing sounds. If you want to exercise your mind in a fun way, try Chess and Puzzle, sure you’ll like…

Learning to playChess and Puzzle
Playing Chess and Puzzle
Playing Chess and Puzzle
Playing Chess and Puzzle



The game includes tutorials to learn to play easily and visually.

Tens of screens

120 levels spread over 5 worlds.

"Survival" mode

It includes a more dynamic game mode, where the goal will be obtaining the highest score.

Phones and Tablets

Available for all types of devices, regardless of screen size.

Beautiful graphics

Simple graphics with elegant particle effects during the game.

Sound effects

The game has relaxing sound effects.


The game is totally free with advertising (not intrusive).

Give it a try, you'll love it!!

If you like puzzle games, you’ll be surprised by the originality of Chess and Puzzle. Available for both Android and iOS.