Solitaire Master

The ultimate solitaire collection

You won't want to play another

Relax and enjoy the best card solitaires. Play the classics and discover new solitaires that you probably don't know, you will have hundreds of hours of fun. Available for Android (phones and tablets) and for iOS (iPhone and iPad).

We go to another level

All the best of other solitaire games in one app. Simple for everyone and highly customizable for the most demanding. Care has been taken down to the last detail, incredible graphics and animations and unique gameplay.


About the game

Solitaire Master is a collection of solitaires with a simple, fast and intuitive game system, with impeccable graphic quality and adapted to all types of devices (phones and tablets). Excellent for casual players and for the most demanding ones, since it allows you to customize each solitaire until you put everything to your liking. Solitaire Master is fantastic, but what stands out above all else is the gameplay. You just have to try it and you will not want to play another one.

Solitaire Master has an incredible amount of options, but even with the default settings you will still enjoy your favorite solitaires to the fullest. Little by little you will discover new options that will make Solitaire Master your favorite solitaire collection. And if you are missing some solitaire, some option…, request it and if it is interesting it will be added in future versions. Install Solitaire Master, relax and enjoy!!

Solitaires included

Accordion, Ace of Hearts, Aces Up, Addiction, Alaska, Alhambra, Alternations, Antares, Australian Patience, Baker’s Dozen, Baroness, Beleaguered Castle, Bisley, Black Hole, Bristol, Buffalo Bill, Busy Aces, Calculation, Canfield, Chinese Solitaire, Clock Patience, Colorado, Crazy Quilt, Cruel, Demons and Thieves, Double Canfield, Double Klondike, Easthaven, Eight Off, Eliminator, Flower Garden, Forty Thieves, Four Seasons, Fourteen Out, FreeCell, Gaps, Golf, Grandfather’s Clock, Harp, Indian, King Albert, Klondike, Klondike by Threes, La Belle Lucie, Lady Jane, Lady of the Manor, Lucky Thirteen, Monte Carlo, Nestor, Odd and Even, Penguin, Perpetual Motion, Putt Putt, Pyramid, Raglan, Rank and File, Red and Black, Russian, Russian Cell, Scorpion, Seahaven Towers, Shamrocks, Simplicity, Sir Tommy, Spider, Spider 1 Suit, Spider 2 Suits, Spiderette, Stonewall, Strategy, Tabby Cat, Tower of Hanoi, Tri Peaks, Twenty, Waning Moon, Wasp, Westcliff, Will o’the Wisp, Windmill, Yukon.


Play with one tap, double tap or drag cards

Choose the way to play. It can be played with a single tap, with two taps (by tapping the card you want to move and then the destination) or by dragging the cards.

Double tap for quick actions

If you have selected to play with two taps, you can perform some actions with double tap, such as moving cards to foundations.

Automatic play for logical actions

If you enable the autoplay option, you will not have to perform the most logical actions, that is, those that do not depend on strategy. These will be done automatically.


Incredible hint system. Set the way the hints are displayed, one after the other or all at once. You will even be able to automatically see all the available moves in each turn.

Relaxing sound effects

The sounds of card movements in Solitaire Master are highly relaxing. But you can also listen to your favorite music while you enjoy playing solitaire.

Amazing animations

The movements of the cards during the game are smooth and relaxing. And when you achieve victory, you will enjoy the fantastic animations that are generated with the deck.

Timer, scoring and moves

The game will show you the time you have been solving each solitaire, the score and the number of moves made. This way, you can always try to outdo yourself or other players.

Individual and total statistics

You will be able to see your statistics at all times, both individually for each solitaire and jointly for all solitaires. You can also reset them at any time.

Advanced filter

You can add your favorite solitaires to a personal list. And you can also filter the solitaires based on the type, number of decks, difficulty, level of luck or skill, chances of victory and game time.

Undo and redo moves

You can undo and redo movements unlimited. You can even do it in an accelerated way or with a scroll bar that allows you to move to any point in the game instantly.

Save and restore games

All Solitaires allows you to leave a game started and restore it at any time. All movements and points that you have recorded manually will be saved.

Available in multiple languages

Solitaire Master has been translated into several languages. The list of available languages will gradually increase.

Optimization of card size based on solitaire

The size of the cards will vary depending on the type of solitaire, always trying to show them as large as possible. You can also configure the margins and spacing of cards to your liking in each solitaire.

Multiple layouts for each solitaire

Each solitaire has multiple layouts to adapt it to your preferences, the orientation of the device, the type of screen (more or less panoramic) or to play with the right or left hand.

Play in portrait or landscape mode

You can play in portrait mode or landscape mode interchangeably. Each game has several layouts for each orientation (portrait or landscape) always trying to maximize the size of the cards.

Incredible graphic customization

You have multiple decks to choose from (both front and back), wallpapers, tableau marks and victory animations. And you will be able to configure an infinite number of textured backgrounds to your liking, choosing the lighting, the colors, types of textures...

Achievements and leaderboards

Solitaire Master is compatible with Google Play Games and Apple Game Center so you can upload your achievements and leaderboards and compare them with your friends and other users.

Detailed instructions of all solitaires

Solitaire Master has clear instructions to learn how to play each solitaire.


Solitaire Master is free with ads (very little annoying), but you can remove them with an in-game purchase. All the features (solitaires, decks, win animations...) can be unlocked with Jokers, which are achieved by winning solitaire games.

Ongoing updates

Solitaire Master will be updated frequently, adding new solitaires, graphic resources and new features.

Try it and enjoy!!

If you like solitaire card games, do not hesitate, this is your definitive collection. Available for both Android and iOS.