OnPixel Games

My name is RubĂ©n R. L. I think that I’m not the most appropriate person to describe me, but I’m going to try it. I consider myself a simple person, I like sports, technology, to travel… there are really few things I do not like.

But if there is something that characterizes me is my restless head. I like to learn everything (or at least try it) and I always have some project in mind, something to keep my head busy.

Since my childhood, I have lived closely the evolution of video games.

From the old 8-bit computers (Spectrum, MSX …), to the most advanced current game consoles, passing through the growth of personal computers (PCs) and the evolution of arcade machines.

With my first computer (a Sony MSX Hit Bit HB-75P), I started doing small programming tests in BASIC.

With the first PCs I developed my first game in Pascal, for exclusively personal use (a version of classic Snake to compete between 2 players). In my university period I developed some programs in Fortran language for technical calculations. And finally, with the arrival of smartphones, I dared to develop my first game for Android devices (phones and tablets). The game is Solitaire Collection.

Solitaire Collection began as a test project, for personal use, as I did not find any collection of solitaires that could convince me fully. And why not develop one where the main feature would be a good gaming experience, improving the things that I didn’t like of other solitaire games?

After many hours of work (and why not say it, also hours of play), I decided to publish the first version on Google Play. With the good reception by the users, I encouraged to develop a version for iOS (iPhone and iPad) and since that moment I have been updating and improving Solitaire Collection continuously. New features and a lot of new solitaires have been added.

Today Solitaire Collection continues to maintain excellent reviews and ratings (4,5 over 5 on Google Play and 4,4 over 5 on the App Store)

There are other games in development that I hope they will see the light soon.
It must be said that I do not set deadlines for my work. My fondness for development and my way of being make me prefer to create a single decent game (you can like it or not) instead of making several mediocre games.

I decided to create this website to show my projects, both current and future. It will also be a place to host documents and tutorials about the different types of solitaries and to show other works that I made related to the world of video games that surely will surprise you.