Recently Solitaire Collection Premium has been included in the article Under The Radar Games That You Should Play! from the well-known website. The article recommends 24 games that, despite not being noted for a high number of downloads, have excellent quality and will provide you with many hours of fun.

Among the thousands of games that fill app stores, it is sometimes difficult to find simple and addictive games that guarantee us many hours of fun. Normally they are games in which money is not invested in advertising campaigns, so they do not have a good positioning within the app stores and it is not easy to find them.

Therefore, in they have made a selection of 24 games that you should try and that stand out for their quality and simplicity. With them you have guaranteed many hours of fun. Among the selection of games, they have included our large collection of solitaires: Solitaire Collection Premium.

If you want to enjoy these wonderful games, do not hesitate to visit: Under The Radar Games That You Should Play!