After more than 2 years of work, Solitaire Master has finally been released, an incredible collection of solitaire games that aims to take over from Solitaire Collection, which has received good reviews for over a decade.

With the experience gained from Solitaire Collection and after testing hundreds of different solitaire games, Solitaire Master was created, incorporating the best features seen in other solitaire games and combining them all in one application. The goal was clear, to make Solitaire Master one of the best collections of solitaire games for mobile devices.

The best and most famous solitaire games have been tested, such as Microsoft Solitaire Collection, Solebon, Mobilityware Solitaire, BVS Solitaire and many more. They all have good things, but Solitaire Master has tried to take all the good things from each of them to create a new collection of solitaire games from scratch where the gaming experience is its main virtue.

Solitaire Master can be downloaded for Android (phones and tablets) on Google Play and for iOS (iPhone and iPad) on the App Store.

Solitaire Master‘s first version already incorporates more than 80 different types of solitaire games, from classics like Klondike (Patience or Solitaire), Spider, FreeCell, Pyramid, TriPeaks, Yukon, or Scorpion, to others that are less well-known but tremendously fun, like Accordion, Monte Carlo, Aces Up… There are solitaire games of all kinds, with different levels of difficulty, some based on luck, others on skill, some easy to win, others incredibly difficult, guaranteeing you hundreds of hours of fun.

✓ More than 70 types of solitaire games
✓ Detailed instructions for each game
✓ One tap, two tap, and drag-and-drop card gameplay
✓ Option to use gestures as shortcuts for commonly used actions
✓ Automatic gameplay for obvious moves
✓ Game recording for each solitaire game
✓ Unlimited undo and redo moves
✓ Hints (one at a time or all at once)
✓ Relaxing sound effects
✓ Incredible victory animations
✓ Time, move, and score counters
✓ Statistics for each game
✓ Filtering of solitaire games (favorites, duration, difficulty, probability of winning…)
✓ Customization of backgrounds, decks, card backs…
✓ Card size and margins in each customized game
✓ Multiple card layouts in each game (column position, foundations…)
✓ Perfectly adaptable to both phones and tablets, in both horizontal and vertical formats
✓ Compatibility with Google Play Games or Apple Game Center
✓ Achievements and leaderboards
✓ Rewards for unlocking all content (games, graphic improvements…) for free
✓ Free
✓ Playable offline

Although simple images cannot fully demonstrate the incredible gameplay experience of Solitaire Master, they at least serve to show its carefully crafted and elegant graphical appearance.

Try Solitaire Master and you will fall in love with it!!