We have a new Website to show our small contribution to the world of the video game. Here we will show you the games developed so far and we will be presenting the new projects that are underway.

We will make a special mention to solitaires of cards since  Solitaire Collection (in its Lite and Premium version) has been the first game developed by OnPixel Games. We will have a section dedicated entirely to show rules and tutorials of the different types of solitaire games included in this collection (currently about 100 different types of solitaires).

And also related to the world of video games, we have added a little-known section, but that has a great community behind. They are the Custom Arcade Sticks, controls similar to the ones used in the Arcade Video Games, but that you can use in your home to enjoy the classic and current games of the different systems (PC, PlayStation, Xbox…). Although nowadays commercial Arcade Sticks can be purchased at relatively affordable prices, a few years ago it was only possible to get a quality Arcade Stick either by ordering or creating it yourself. Here you can see a gallery with different Arcade Sticks that I made a few years ago, it is worth.

And finally, we will include articles related to video games or development of video games that we consider interesting.

By clicking here, you can know a little more about the origin of OnPixel Games, or if you have any questions you can fill the form in the Contact section.